The town describtion
On behalf of the municipal authorities and the citizens of Węgrów we would like to invite you to our town. Its rich history, achievements to date and the future aims make Węgrów a perfect place to visit.
We may assure you that the location of Węgrów, healthy environment, the potential of citizens and favour of the local authorities creates perfect conditions for development. What is more, you can easily fall in love with its unique atmosphere, magnificent monuments, interesting history and kind people.
Everything together make Węgrów a place where you can spend some unforgettable moments. This is why we encourage you to come and settle in our town.
Węgrów is situated on Eastern part of mazowieckie province, 80 km east of Warsaw. It is a administratively, educationally, culturally and economically dynamic region. It is a typical urban district with the surface area of 36 km2 and the population number 12.934 (2009).
Węgrów is a county town. It consists of 9 districts including 2 towns: Węgrów and Łochów, and 7 rural districts: Grębków, Korytnica, Liw, Miedzna, Sadowne, Stoczek, Wierzbno.
The town has a wonderful and rich history as well as beautiful monuments, among which are: Bazylika Mniejsza, Kościół Poreformacki, Dom Gdański, Kościół Ewangelicko - Augsburski, Kaplica Cmentarna in the evangelic cemetery. During the year there are various cultural events, of which the largest are the National Festival "Biesiada Weselna", Days of Węgrów, Mazovia Bread Day. Furthermore many significant sporting events take place as well.
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